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“Make space for what matters”

Making use of existing space can be a mammoth task. That’s is why we take the stress and hassle out of converting your property to make the space what you want it to be.

Loft Conversions

With the huge amount of wasted space in lofts, it is the starting point when looking for extra space to expand in to. With unique design roof angles and a huge array of remodelling options including dormers, velux roof lights, even new roofs for homes with low headroom we have every experience to produce you with a new habitable space.

Garage Conversions

Nothing more than a storage area for your forgotten about items, they are rarely used to house a car anymore. In fact converting your garage can produce the highest overall property price increase in relation to the cost of the works making it the ideal investment opportunity.

Basement conversion

The task only intended to be taken on by the elite, these are no small feats. However with excellent project management and a service of tradesmen second to none this will leave you in awe from initiation to completion.

Barn Conversion

Becoming increasingly popular, barns are becoming fashioned into an artistic blend of character and contemporary living, leaving you within an inspiring dream property.